Ann Arbor, Michigan according to the 2010 census, it is the sixth largest city in Michigan. Now the city finished its street lights replacement projects, just like LED light China lights up many place domestically and internationally.

Broadway Bridge is lighting up by 125 LED street lights. Last year, the city strung its holiday cheer with about 114,000 LED lights and plans to convert all of its downtown public lighting starting with more than 1,000 LED streetlights. The effort is aligned with other North American cities like Raleigh, N.C., and Toronto, which have both started similar energy-saving efforts.

The area includes mostly University of Michigan student rental housing. Neighborhood representatives approached the city to discuss ways to improve street light quality. The new fixtures are expected to cut energy usage by nearly 50 percent and reduce the city’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by 25,000 pounds, city officials said.

Additionally, lower street light bill will save the city about $5,600 annually, repaying the city’s investment in four years, officials said.