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Illumination is the second largest electric power utilization field in the world and takes over 19% of total amount. LED series including LED strips is the mainstream of future illumination. The overall situation of energy saving products in the whole world

European region-a developed market with no large scale subsidy policies-has high demand for business lighting and outdoor architectures ambient lighting due to its high electricity rate and lighting culture. According to a report of 2011~2015 European lighting market, traditional European lighting manufactures used to use halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps as its main light source, [...]

Architecture illumination, indoor and outdoor illumination and display will continue leading the market The application market of LED lighting in recent years mostly focused on architecture, indoor and outdoor lighting and display. LED strips and other LED lamps flower at the stage. LED display has been widely used by bank, station, squares, and stadiums with [...]

The scale of domestic enterprises is small at large Now, although there are so many LED lighting fixture like LED strips manufacturers in China, high-end products are mainly produced by foreign enterprises. In contrast, domestic LED lighting fixture manufacturers are small and have a comparatively weak technique power.

Market access threshold is low. LED strips and other LED lighting products are technology products. Even though domestic LED industry has a weak foundation on technology, many domestic enterprises hire oversea professionals and make great breakthrough. Many manufacturers have obtained own intellectual property. There is no big difference between

As a modern building, what you need to pay attention to when doing lighting design. Lighting will never be limited in lighting. Anyhow proving brightness is the basic function of lamps. For simple visual task, 30, 50,100 lx will be OK; for common visual task, 300, 500, 1000 lx will be OK; for special visual [...]

Marriott International, Inc. is an American-based worldwide operator and franchisor of a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities. Its headquarters located in Bethesda, MD. Recent, it has finished it upgrade from traditional lighting to LED strips and other LED lighting. This project began in 2006 for security and energy savings.

Contour lighting can be used in architecture through three major ways. First, connecting LED spotlights and other point light source into line to decorate building extension to sketch out Building Outline. Second, using linear light source like LED strips to sketch out building outline. Third way is luminous surface like lighting form interior lights and [...]

Illumination never and will ever be one-way-task. In terms of luminaries, there are LED spot light, LED strips and other LED series and many traditional illumination fixtures. In terms of lighting area there can be indoor and outdoor illumination. In terms of illumination methods, there can be floodlighting, contour lighting, lighting form interior lights, structural [...]

Illumination design theory has a growing development as LED strips and other LED lamps appear. AmbiScene is a concept raised by Philips in 2008, AmbiScene is a flexible lighting concept designed to create inspiring, meaningful lighting environment. It can be changed in every way imaginable,