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LED light China provides you not only with general LED lamps but also with some creative lamps. LED floor lamp from the myth of light leafs

LED light China provides you not only with general LED lamps but also with some creative lamps. Water drop LED floor lamp

As technology develops, LED luminous efficiency is increasing and the price is decreasing. Adding its advantages, LED lighting fixtures replace traditional lighting fixtures is in the trend not only for LED light China but also the whole world. The following map shows when and where the replacement will happen.

Since the beginning of 21st century, LED industry is blooming at a high speed. The total output value of 2010 is 15 billion US dollars. In 2011, global the output value of opto-electronics industry has shrank 6% although LED industry has suffered a joint impact but LED packaging and LED lighting output value increased 11% [...]

As we all know that since the invention of incandescent lamp in 1879, the world has totally changed, to memorial Edison, Americans light out one minute in Oct 21 1931, even including the torch of Statue of Liberty. However, how many of us do know that incandescent lamps emit by heating. The heating process consumes [...]

As economy developed, energy consumption is on a sharp rising. Energy problem has become a bottleneck that restricts the development of Chinese economy. Lighting retrofit of original buildings has been put into agenda by Chinese government. LED strips and other LED lamps act their role. Now the government is launching series of activities like “green [...]

According to insiders, as LED develops further, its performance and power-light conversion rate will have further increase. LED strips and other LED series will be better. Today, Imigy blog will talk with you about the technical trend of LED chip. Major importance shall be adhered to cooling system, reliability and safety

LEDinside, a research institute under TrendForce has conducted a market research related to LED lighting fixtures like LED strips and LEDs-2011~2015 European LED lighting market report. According to the report the total monthly sales of quoted companies and OTC companies is about 8.7 billion Taiwan Dollars in may, which benefited much from the launch of [...]

LED is a green energy-saving resource that assuming the responsibility of replacing incandescent lamps. LED point light that used in LED strips and other LED series have such drawbacks like lumens depreciation, high cost and weak cooling, which delay its popularization. Using area light to replace point light can solve these problems. Under the supporting [...]

Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has concluded. There are about 2600 LED strips and other LED lighting fixtures enterprises participate the Fair compared with 2963 enterprises of last year. According to the host such circumstance has never appeared over the past ten years. Some enterprises used booths as large as hundreds square meters last year not [...]