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Innovative LED bedside lamps can help you create a different atmosphere at your bedroom. Here I would like to share some innovations with you to inspire LED light China.

LED light China has been used in many big events like CCTV stage decoration when there is a big show,  so do LED lighting fixtures in other countries. The biggest event in recent days is 2012 London Olympics.

Yangzhou China 2012 LED up and middle stream industry meeting was held in Yangzhou. This is a meeting that will determine the development direction of the industry. More than 200 experts across the country gathered here to have deep talk about the innovation and market prospect of LED industry. This will help the rational development [...]

LED lighting is the trend of lighting. On one aspect, LED lighting fixtures have many advantages that traditional lamps do not have, like energy saving, low consumption and long life span, on the other hand, LED industry in line with energy-saving and environmental protection and low carbon life appeal from all governments. As an emerging [...]

We all know there are many advantages about LED lighting fixtures. However, LED still has some aspects we need to pay attention to so that they will have high performance. To ensure high performance of LED light China we should know these aspects. I just read the following information from a blog. I do not [...]

Aiming to inspire LED light China.

Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center, China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute Foshan Library, National Star epitaxial chip project will soon enter into operation. This is the gathering of technology, innovation and industry. LED light China will step onto the way of order. The New Light Source Base settled into Guangdong [...]

What advantages do LED lights have when compared with incandescent lamps? Most of us will say energy saving and durable. But how much energy can be saved or how durable they are? As demand increases and costs reduce, their price is dropping. How to choose LED lights and how many misunderstood we have. You can [...]

For the inspiration of LED light China At London Design Festival, scientists and artists from Cambridge University together designed such pure ecological LED desk lamp. This lamp is composed by a desk with green plants and a LED desk lamp. The desk covered by a transparent glass cover with green plant under it, like herbal, [...]

Design can both change your life and the world. In such a fast-changing era, technology is the hard condition for development and, design as a soft power is permeating into everywhere. Following the replacement of lighting technology and the increasingly developed LED technology, LED lighting can be found everywhere in our daily life. The development [...]