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Maybe you know how to make new colors by mixing paint or crayons, the most basic knowledge about color mixing, like you get green by mixing yellow and blue, or orange by mixing red and yellow. But do you know how to use color mixing technology to make LED light China, especially high brightness LED [...]

As incandescent lamp ban deadline approaches, say Oct 1 by when no incandescent lamp will be allowed to sold or imported. Then what’s your option for replacement, CFL or LED light bulb? Definitely, LED light bulbs are your priority. Imigy, an LED light China manufacture will tell you why.

As manufacturers become increasingly concerned about their presence in the LED lighting market, the commitment to technology innovation is really important. Imigy has all along dedicated and will dedicate to improve LED lighting fixtures in an all-round way, since we are a member of LED light China. Digitimes Research projects marked growth in LED markets [...]

As incandescent lights ban approaches, more and more consumers focus on LED light China. Today Imigy blog will share some ceiling lighting design application with you, all with LED lights.

We all know that LED light China as well as LED lighting fixtures from the rest of the world is becoming more and more favored by consumers. This time Imigy blog will introduce you with some basic information about LED and the difference between LED and other lighting fixtures. Shorts for light-emitting diode LED is [...]