Accent Lighting is lighting that emphasizes an area of or an object in a room. This lighting adds to the drama or style of a room by highlighting certain aspects of a room’s decor. LED light China can provide perfect accent lighting. For the following advantages:

Color of light and color temperature of light can be specified precisely

Optical structures increase energy efficiency and control over light distribution

Long lifetime

Minimum need for maintenance – important especially if light fixtures are situated in a place that is difficult to reach

Low-cost maintenance

Power versions, optics and installation type can be tailored

Retrofit solutions for historical sites

You must once asked yourself how do I light this or how do I light that? What are the subject’s attributes and how does one best show them off? If form is what the subject wanted to be highlighted, soft light should be considered as the main light, like a baby portrait that the texture is not as an important as the profile. Commonly, we see lights being used in combination since many objects have a combination of shape and texture.