LED lighting industry has huge economic and social benefits. High importance had been adhered to LED lighting industry by all countries. A quaternity way has been applied by advanced countries. That is to integrate technology, supporting policies, industry standardization and environmental protection awareness development. LED light China can use this as a reference.

To ensure technology goes ahead of the rest

As new emerging industry, LED lighting industry has many technology barriers to be broken down. However, technical problems feature long-term, huge investment and high risk. It can not only depend on enterprises investment, government investment also is important.

June, 2006 DOE decided to support five major LED lighting projects: integrated LED flood lighting for general lighting, phosphor powder system for SSL, high luminous flux white LED base on phosphor powder, organic semiconductor lighting device structure, LED with Electron hole technology. The total investment of the five projects is US$ 11 million among which the government accounts for 70% and the rest are invested by enterprises that responsible for the research and development of the technology.

Policy supporting

LED industry has huge economic and social benefits. To encourage LED industry research and investment and to establish perfect LED industry system, many countries launched related industry supporting policies including fiscal supporting, tax preference.

As the earliest one to kick off semiconductor lighting, a finance supporting plan with 6 billion yen began in 1998. In addition, enterprises or organizations that use LED lighting fixtures to replace traditional incandescent lamps will get a 7% of investment amount tax cut.

Industry standardization promotion

Industry standards will help reducing transaction cost between both sides of the deal. Competitive advantage also can be formed through leading specifications. in the preceding years, Japanese semiconductor lighting circle had standardize its LED products style and testing. 72 enterprises formed LED lighting promotion association in 2006 to integrate and formulate standards to help build a healthy development environment for the industry.

Environmental protection awareness cultivation

For Japan, you can find words like “if you use this LED lighting fixtures you can help you family cut carbon dioxide emission by x kg”. This is a more intuitive way.