Entertainment time again. It has been a long time I have not share interesting lamp design in oour blog. Today, it is back for the same purpose: to inspire LED light China.

Cute egg lamps

These lamps can serve as candles when blackout, for lighting when sleep, for party decoration, or anywhere you want to see it. Every time I see them I just can’t help to laugh, especially the guy laughing at right hand side. How about you?


The lamp right bellow is called “Nissyoku” which is inspired by the fabulous lunar event, the solar eclipse. Its special swiveling pieces held together with magnetic. Two sides consisting of len-form panels move multiple directions, letting loose light where they may.

Stunning Lamps made of Gourd by Przemek

You must see the secret. One thing hard to come by is that they are made of wholly natural materials and had the highest quality of craftsmanship allow unusual effects.