Are you going to decorate your house or make a refitting? Lighting design is a part you can never overlook. For lamp, LED light China must be your only choice. Here I would like to share some tips on how to enlarge your house.

1. Light up corners

2. Use up-lights  

This kind of lights throws light onto the ceiling then bounces off to create a soft look. They work best in rooms with light-coloured ceilings, particularly in studies as the fact that the light is directed upwards prevents glare.

Use them behind sofas or large pieces of living room furniture. The light they create matters more than the lamp, so they’re usually tall and slender with minimal decoration. Put them in corners or in pairs and fix them at eye level or higher. A clip-on spotlight angled upwards creates the same effect.

3. Use wall washers

This kind of lamp gives off an even stream of light. Often mounted on or recessed into the ceiling. Sometimes only the silver reflector shows, which gives out a brilliant light.