There is such a brand all its products are so well-liked. It is rebellious. Its body design is perfect. It is a powerful art sketched by lines and edges. This is Lamborghini. Imigy has just finished its lighting projects for Lamborghini Sales Center in Guangzhou which represents LED light China very well.


The theme of lighting

Lighting design for the sales center express the brands style at highest level. One of the major differences between car sales center and other products sales center is uncrowded. So the rule of simple is the best has been applied in lighting design. We try to use the simplest design to highlight cars.

Exhibition area

Visual shock from Lamborghini is definitely unparalleled, especially when you take a close touch, even the air becomes Lamborghini air. No complex, only LED down lights and LED spot lights been used: light roomier and fluent.

Rest area

The rest area is for customers to take a rest and to do some discussion. So designers use LED lights with different color temperature to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Products used