Have you ever noticed that in the same room, same decoration your will find it become larger or smaller in the different time of a day or in the different season or in different weather. Dou you know why? Yes, light! Lighting can change our way of perceiving the space. Natural light comes into the window to counteract artificial lighting. For the sake of artificial lights LED light China is your best choice.

About LED lighting fixtures and how to use different color temperature LED lighting fixtures to match natural light, we need to have some knowledge about color temperature. See the left image.

There are several ways to use natural lighting

Maximize the light from existing windows

The most traditional way to use natural lighting is window. We can use curtains.

Use white or light colors throughout the room to reflect natural light that comes in

Mirrors across from a window will reflect the light into different parts of the room

Change a solid exterior door for one with windows

Install a new or expanded window

Sliding glass doors are a wonderful way to open up a room with light if you have a nice view (yard, scenery, deck or patio) to look out on

Consider installing a tubular skylight

Tubular Skylights allow natural sunlight to be directed from the rooftop down through a highly reflective tube, and then diffused at the ceiling level. Tubular skylights capture direct and ambient light, providing exceptional illumination, even on cloudy days and in early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky.