As upgrading of all areas in daily life, lighting has become a main factor that can express your style thoroughly. Modern lighting is not only a thing that can be changed by you but also a thing that can change you. LED light China including many other LED lighting is the main role in modern lighting. If you have ever pay attention to lighting you may find LED lighting is such a magic.

London’s King’s Cross railway station is a spotlight. The essence of King’s lighting design was to bond functionality with an aesthetically pleasing effect, producing a “perfectly beautiful flow of light” across the elegant white geodesic curvature of the Western Concourse roof. The stunning new roof structure has been cleverly blended with the station’s heritage to create a space for passengers that is three times larger than the 1970’s concourse, with improved transport links. The lighting needed to both contrast and blend together the old and contemporary surrounding architectures, with the original parts of the Victorian Grade-I listed building dating back to 1852. LED lighting here can give you a sense of impressive brightness, flexibility and eco-friendly.

Except public projects Imigy Blog has introduced many house lighting design and office lighting design with LED lighting fixtures.