A living room or lounge room is a room in a residential house for relaxing and socializing. It is the heart and soul of a house. Proper lighting design can add beauty to your house and LED light China can make your house environmental friendly and energy-saving. The duty of lighting today is never illuminating but also other tremendous functions. It can highlight or hide an object, change mood, and liven up the space. Living room is used for various purposes and appropriate lighting is vital. Some rooms are used purely for entertaining, while other for watching TV and for hosting activities. It is not about just setting up the lighting effect because it is necessary but, it should be also accommodating of all the events that are taking place.

In recent living rooms wall scones, floor lamps and hanging lighting fixtures is a must. Wall scones are superb for adding ambient light to your living room. Floor lights in recent days may be the most flexible one. They do not take much space and can be used in awkward places. Pendent lamps and chandeliers can turn out to be decorative lamps for the living room. They offer nice overall glow and, adds some real depth to the living room. Ensure that the living room ceiling is high for such lighting lamps. Sometimes you can make a little change for your overhead lights: extend its flex and screw a cup hook into the ceiling so you can clip it out of the way, or change for low-voltage light to detract attention from it.

In addition, there are many other kinds of lighting fixture available. Use table lamps dotted around the outside edges of the room on shelves and tables. There inward-light can make the room feel spacious yet cosy.

Wall washers also can be used here to upgrade the level of illumination, remember that the light reflected back will be tinted by whatever shade your walls are – you don’t want a sickly green pallor.

Position a freestanding uplighter or standard lamp behind the sofa.

Mount wall lights beside features that won’t be moving – in alcoves, for example, or on either side of a fireplace.

For romance or entertaining, use a real fire and candlelight supplemented by wall lights dimmed to their lowest setting.

Commission a lighting designer to install a digital lighting display, which changes color in timed sequences or in response to music.

Install a voice-activated system so you can command your lights to switch on and off.