Boost your employee’s performance through lighting. Amazing and practical! LED light China must be your optional choice. A committee assembled by the National Research Council had done a research about the effects of lighting levels and quality on employee’s performance. The committee concluded that indoor visual conditions are normally adequate for most children and adults, given that people “have very flexible visual systems”. The committee suggested that lighting conditions may be inadequate for those without properly corrected eyesight. This expression of concern appeared to be largely based on theoretical grounds, as no direct evidence was presented on performance decrements. The committee also indicated that there may be effects of indoor lighting on performance via the effects of lighting on the circadian system which influences depression (e.g., seasonal affective disorder) and sleep, but again, direct evidence of performance decrements associated with indoor lighting was not provided. Based on this review, at the present time we cannot conclude that improvements in lighting levels or quality significantly increases work performance.

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting is often referred to as general lighting. This main light source should be kept on a fairly dim level, providing enough light for people to see each other and other objects fairly clearly, while not quite providing enough light to accomplish a reading and writing task.

Individual controllable lighting

As part of an office’s lighting plan, individual lighting options should be considered. Many studies have shown the benefit of allowing workers to control their own lighting features. Practically this also makes sense. Who better to decide when more or less light is needed for a specific task than the individual executing that task? Desk lamps, movable wall fixtures, and floor lamps situated near a desk give employees the ability to focus light on a particular assignment, minimize light and glare for computer tasks, and even save money by switching lights off when away from the desk.

Natural lighting

Natural light is uplifting and comfortable, and allows a person to feel connected with the outside world during working hours. It is important to provide adjustable shades or curtains on each window so employees can control glare and direct light during certain times of day. Avoid clouded windows, if possible, which provide limited light, and no additional visibility.

Besides, fluorescents are particularly inappropriate for use near a computer screen. The glare, mirror, and shadowing effect are unhealthy and counterproductive to quality work production.