Product Name: LED RGB Controller
Model: IMG-CT309-RF
LED Brand:
Input Voltage: 12-24V
Working Temp.: 0degc~40degc


















An universal RGB controller which can change color in a whole mode. It can work with RGB modules,RGB ba or RGB ribbon of our company, also can work with other company’s congeneric products. It can work with 24VDC led product or 12VDC led products.24VDC:240W; 12VDC:180W. Several RGB changing modes are for choice which each mode have sixteen speed can be adjusted.The brightness can be adjust from 0-100%.Also it has a function of color still.Elegant in shape and convenient in using. Special circuit design make sure the modules changing color synchronous. It can realize RGB color jumping change , gradual change,other multi-effect change and etc. in a whole way.