Product Name: LED Down Light 3*2W
Model: D3221
LED Brand: Nichia
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
Working Temp.: -10-40degreec




















1. Housing: Aluminium material with good heat conduction.white color,silver color and gold color are available.
2. Working Temperature: -10℃~ +40℃
3. Low heat,no UV or IR light radiation.
4. Weight:180g
5. This product works as an replacement of traditional down Light. It can be widely used for office, shop center, restaurant, school, hospital, airport, commercial & home lighting etc.
6.Package Info:Ctn size: 63*28*36cm, 30pcs/ctn, Gross Weight: 10KG/ctn
1) The thickness of ceiling material should be 5-25mm .
2) No sundries around, no cover on the Down Light due to heat sinking concern.
8. Warranty: 36 months.





It adopts high brightness Nichia LED as luminous body with low -voltage constant current driver, low power consumption, long lifespan, reliability and safety..
Housing is made of high-purity aluminum anodizing after processing, which is elegant and stylish. Good thermal management leads to long life-span and control light attenuation effectively.
Perfect optical design ensures even light and high light efficiency. Instant lighting, no flickering, free of lead, mercury and other harmful substances.  This product is widely used in the residential, shopping mall,hotel and etc.

1. Only qualified electrician is allowed to do the installation, maintenance and inspection work for safety purpose. It is dangerous for non-professional operator.
2. This Down Light is for ceiling-installation.
3. Please do not install the light in high temperature or humid place.
4. 75mm space should be left around the light for ventilation, no cover on the light at any time.

1. Turn off the power.
2. Drill a suitable mounting hole on ceiling according to size requirement on light label.
3. Connect input end of LED converter to commercial power (100V-240V), and make sure connecting way is right.
4. Put LED driver at suitable place on ceiling.
5. Pinch both springs (showed as 1), then push light into installation hole ( showed as 2). Make sure the light fixed well.
6. Re-checking everything was connected well, then turn on the power.