Product Name: LED SMD Bar
Model: IMG-B30X-S
LED Brand: TaiWan
Input Voltage: 12VDC
Working Temp.: -20°c~50°c



















1.This product adopts 30 pcs super bright SMD LED as its luminous body. These LEDs are evenly arranged on the PCB board.They are equipped with male and female connectors. It is a slim linear lighting of variable application.
2.The LEDs of this product are from famous international company. The luminous body is of very high intensity, large viewing angle,good quality and stability.
3.Available color: Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,White,Warm White ,etc.
4.Consumption Watt:2.4W/PC
5. LED Spacing: 16mm
6.This product is of wide application, such as indoor decoration, shop-window decoration, edge decoration,cove lighting,stair decoration, etc
7.Package:White box









SMD Bar adopts 30pcs super bright SMD LED as its luminous body which is of high intensity and large beaming angle. The LEDs ,whose chips are from famous international company,are evenly set on the PCB board.Three LEDs make one group and each group can be cut according to the length requirement.The bars can be connected together via male and female connectors.
As a slim linear lighting, it can be widely used for indoor decoration, cove lighting, edge decoration,stair decoration,etc. Available color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, etc.

LED spacing:16mm
Beaming angle:>120degree
Electric Specs:
IP class:20
Input Voltage:12VDC
Power Consumption:2.4W
Maximum Length of One Loop:6 meter
Power Supply:Waterproof  30W-12V-2.5A;
Non-waterproof  55W-12V-4.6A,
150W- 12V-12.5A;300W-12V-25A