Product Name: LED Dimmable panel light 200*200
Model: p0202-A1S
LED Brand: Taiwan
Input Voltage: 110-220VAC
Working Temp.: -10°c~40°c


1. Energy saved up to 50%. High intensity
2. Instant start, no flickering, no humming
3. Exquisite die-casting tech. Ultra thin design.
4. Triac dimmable driver makes panel light varies from 10%-100% brightness synchronized.
5. Special circuit design, each LED can work separately thus it can avoid the influence that a broken LED causes.
6. Working Temperature: -10~ 40degree
7. No electric wave. No such hazard that mercury or lead enters the environment. No RF interference
8. Four sides illuminating design makes it high lumen output: 830lm (white), 780lm (warm white).
9. Package Info: Ctn size: 57.5*26.5*36cm, 10pcs/ctn. Gross Weight: 17KG/ctn.
10. Warranty: 24 months


It adopts super bright LED as its luminous body. The anodized aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable with everlasting color. It is powered by low voltage constant current driver, which is safety, energy-saving and long life. Matched with related triac dimmer switch, the light can be dimmable.
Excellent thermal management can effectively guarantee the LED’s long-term stability. The front panel board is high translucent acrylic, which ensures the light even, soft and high transmittance. Instant start, no flickering, and no humming. No hazardous material (mercury, lead).
The installation is very easy. It adopts built-in installation.

Technical Parameter

1. Drill a square mounting hole on ceiling according to size requirement from manual.
2. Turn off the power.
3. Connect the commercial power with the input of the matched power supply, make sure that no copperware exposed. (Dimmer switch should be connected to the L line in the power supply as the below diagram.)
4. Fix the panel light and dimmable power supply at suitable place.
5. Make sure it is connected well between the power supply DC output and light fixture DC input.
6. Pinch both springs, then push light into installation hole. Make sure the light fixed well.
7. Turn on the power.

Hotel, Meeting Room, Office, Hospital, School, and places where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting needed.

The panel should be driven by appointed power supply.
All the instruction, maintenance, and checking should be operated under professional technical person to
avoid any dangers.
The light fixture is only allowed to be fixed in the ceiling.
Please do not install the light in high temperature or humid place.
75mm space should be left around the light for ventilation, no cover on the light at any time.
The instruction should be done when the light fixture surface cools down.

Light Distribution Curve (Unit: cd)

White 6000K


Neutral White 4200K


Warm White 3000K



Connecting Diagram