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Have you ever noticed that in the same room, same decoration your will find it become larger or smaller in the different time of a day or in the different season or in different weather. Dou you know why? Yes, light! Lighting can change our way of perceiving the space. Natural light comes into the [...]

When electricity rate rise at a regular speed, what do you want to do? Here Imigy take the blog as a platform to represent LED light China to introduce you with general LED lights information and how to choose proper LED lighting fixtures for each room.

Residential lighting design is a romantic form of art. It is accepted by many modern Chinese families. Light, with its power to captivate, illuminate and elevate the interiors and exteriors is an essential component that has the ability to add dimensions of interest while transforming the ambience of any given space, the ceiling, tables, balcony [...]

There is such a brand all its products are so well-liked. It is rebellious. Its body design is perfect. It is a powerful art sketched by lines and edges. This is Lamborghini. Imigy has just finished its lighting projects for Lamborghini Sales Center in Guangzhou which represents LED light China very well.

2012 is a year of triumphant advancing for LED light China, the popularization of LED lighting fixtures is the trend of lighting development. 23 May, Guangdong government printed and distributed Implementation Plan of LED Lighting Products Promotion in Guangdong Province to make overall arrangement for energy-reduction and drive the development of LED lighting and other [...]

Aiming to inspire LED light China.

Design can both change your life and the world. In such a fast-changing era, technology is the hard condition for development and, design as a soft power is permeating into everywhere. Following the replacement of lighting technology and the increasingly developed LED technology, LED lighting can be found everywhere in our daily life. The development [...]

Creative lighting design introduced aims to inspire China LED lights. Light and shadow is the most amazing couple that can build many beauties.

How do you think about dust? Is it beautiful, or artistic? I believe that most of us will answer no. Here I would like to change your thoughts with “snow dust”. “Snow dust” is a series of products that are designed to look good with dust. olga kravchenko, an industrial design graduate from shenkar college [...]

As a production and export province, a cold current of new technology barrier is blowing to Guangdong LED industry, and certainly the whole China LED lights. According to the new standards from EU and America, new LED lighting fixtures energy efficiency requires to be increase by 2.5 times, which will lift costs largely. Facing with [...]