Is there any chance that you find yourself cooking under your own shadow? That must be a nightmare. You must have already known why. Yes since you only have a pendant light for general lighting. Whatever your kitchen shaped, light from beside or must reach the place you are working. What’s more lighting for sink, the cooker, the fridge and worktops, especially for chopping vegetables is a must. Do remember LED light China can help you and offer you perfect cooking experience. A special requirement for kitchen lighting is infinitely near sunlight.

The following tips can be referenced to do kitchen lighting design:

If you have a central pendant light but want to illuminate a different area, put it on a longer cord then put a small hook into the ceiling above where you need the light and clip it over. This works particularly well over tables.

Replacing your central pendant light with two (or more) ceiling-mounted fittings set wide apart will allow the light to flow much more evenly to either side.

Put mini LED lights underneath wall units. They spread a good level of light over work surfaces. Choose warm white.

Paint the kitchen ceiling matt white and keep the walls above the units a pale color.

Choose a light coloured kitchen, such as birch or pale laminate.

If your sink is at the window, fit a light in the window’s pelmet.

Fit a track system with directional lights you can position over the work surface and the sink. This will mean you won’t need to do any rewiring.

Install strips against the wall above wall-mounted units – they’ll throw light upwards to give an all-round glow.

Buy an inexpensive clip light and clamp it on where you need extra task light.

Fit rows of down lights into the ceiling – they emit light exactly where it is needed and give good color rendition. Also, because they’re recessed, they’re shielded from grease and dirt. Don’t worry about spacing them out evenly intervals or lining them up exactly – if you do, it can look like an airport runway. Concentrate on where you need the light to fall rather than their position on the ceiling.

Very surprise isn’t it? After check out all this I believe you must love cooking more than ever.