Imigy lighting has just finished its lighting project at Yamee Café. It interprets LED light China very well.


There is an old saying in China: a hermit who conceals in downtown is a true hermit. Yamee Café located at the busiest revenue in shanghai leisurely -central business district of Lujiazui. Contrast with the forest of business buildings, this small café is so silent and elegant.


With such a place, you can have a small gathering with a couple of friends; or you can spend you idle time alone. Just imagining: one leisure Saturday evening, you alone, one book, one cup of coffee, a blob of lighting, a romantic with yourself.



For such a high level leisure place, lighting is of major importance. It can not only scissor the black but also express psychological meaning and cultural meaning.


From far away, the sign of Yamee Café is really silent and reserve. Opening the door, a classical European trend surrounds you: flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, splendid hang ceiling with carve patterns, ancient solid wood floor with long luxuriant European curtains fall all the way to the floor. You are right,  it looks like an eighteenth century European palace.


Notes from the SAX floating in the air with the intensive smell of coffee made all this like a good dream. Modest luxury isn’t it?